About TKI Bouw en Techniek

TKI Bouw en Techniek is the Top Consortium for Knowledge and Innovation in building design, construction and technology aimed at a CO2-free and future-proof built environment.

The Netherlands faces top challenges for the built environment. We need to build new homes and transform at least 1 million buildings by 2030. Tens of thousands of bridges, viaducts, tunnels and sluices need to be replaced and renovated. In addition, the use of primary raw materials must decrease by 50% in 2030 and the built environment must be made climate-proof before 2050.

Innovation ecosystem

TKI Bouw en Techniek creates innovations for the design, construction and engineering sector. In order to achieve a liveable, clean and future-proof built environment, innovations are needed. TKI Bouw en Techniek continues the innovation ecosystem that BTIC (Building and Technological Innovation Centre) has set up for the design, construction and engineering sector since 2019. Mission-oriented innovation is central with attention to practice, training and a cultural change. Through a more efficient, bundled and innovative innovation process, innovations can be accelerated and realized on a large scale to solve the major social challenges.

Theme Energy Transition and Sustainability

TKI Bouw en Techniek has a place in the national mission-driven top sector and innovation policy within the energy transition & sustainability theme. Together with TKI Urban Energy, it will enable a rapid transition to a CO2-free and future-proof built environment in complementary working areas

Cross-over themes

TKI Bouw en Techniek is working on three multi-year mission-driven innovation programmes.

Innovation programmes

TKI Bouw en Techniek works together with other TKIs on cross-over themes such as digitization, industrialization and human capital. These themes will be fleshed out in more detail.


Do you want more information? Contact office@tkibt.nl or tel: +31 (0)85 060 84 28 to make an appointment. Our office is on the 1st floor of De Bouwcampus, Van der Burghweg 1 in Delft.